Pre-Adoption Questionnaire

Thank you for showing an interest in our longtails.

 Before committing to a rescue dog, we expect the whole of the family to be 100% sure.

In some cases, one member of the family may be sure they want to adopt a dog and other members are not so sure. Sadly, situations such as this rarely work. Everyone needs to be sure that this is the right time for a new family member to be introduced. Our dogs deserve and we expect 100% honesty from our adopters.

Surprisingly, and sadly, many people do try to pull the wool over our eyes. Children are taken out of the equation, as are other pets, working hours and the time periods when a dog may be left are not stipulated truthfully. This is silly and does not benefit anyone least of all you or the dog.  We work so hard to try to find the right dog for the environment and without the full truth it makes our job impossible. Problems can arise which we have not envisaged simply because the dog is being expected to do more than it is capable of. Please be as honest as possible in the questionnaire. 

It is not a test, no trick questions; we are just trying to make sure you get the right dog for you and your family.

Thank you. 

Contact information.

What type of dog are you looking for?

Tell us about your family.

Tell us about your home.

How will you care for an adopted dog?

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Your information




Phone number

Alternative phone number


Where did you find out about us?

Type of Dog your looking for.

What reason have you decided to adopt a sighthound, and why now?

Are you looking for?

Age range

Why this age range?

Have you seen a dog/dogs on our website that you are particularly interested in?

Have you seen a dog on our Facebook page that you're interested in?

If yes, please list names below & why you are interested in them specifically.

Why do you think you would be a good home for the dog that you've seen online that you're interested in?

Have you owned a greyhound or lurcher before?

Have you owned any other dog before?

If yes, please supply details

Your family

Do you live:

Ages of all adults in the house.

Does everyone who lives in the house agree with adopting a dog?

Are there children living in the home?

What are their ages?

Are you children used to dogs?

Do other / any children regularly visit your home?

Are these children used to dogs?

Does anyone in your family have any allergies or medical conditions that could effect the type of dog you adopt?

If yes, please advise us of any allergies/medical conditions that may effecct the type of dog you will be able to adopt.

Do you have / can you arrange appropriate transport to collect your dog after adoption? eg. adequate space for a greyhound to sit / stand, no small or two seater sports cars

Your home

Is your home a

Is your home rented?

If it is, has your landlord given permission for a dog?

Is your home is leasehold, are you allowed a dog?

Do you have a cat?

Do you have another dog?

Please supply details of dogs in the home. (breed, age, sex, neutered?)

Please supply details of any other animals in your home or garden who may encounter the dog.

Do you have a secure garden with adequate boundaries in good condition? please note hedges do not count as secure boundaries

Please explain the boundaries of your garden- including height.

How you will care for an adopted dog.

Do you work?

How many hours a week?

Typically, how many hours a day would the dog be left alone in the house? How many days a week?

Where are the main places you will be walking your dog? Eg. Parks, woodlands, secure field etc.

How many times a day are you hoping to exercise your dog AND for how long? (There are no wrong answers, we ask this to better match a dog to your lifestyle)

What activities are you hoping to do with your dog, if any?

Do you expect you circumstances to change in the next year or so? By this we mean are you planning on moving, a change in jobs, having children etc?

If yes, Please explain.

Are you aware of the responsibilities of owning a sighthound who may have been trained to chase?

Are you willing to take a dog to training classes, consult a behaviourist or to work with the charity to rectify any settling in problems?

We require adopters to be willing to use a muzzle if recommended. Do you agree to this?

If not, why?

Are you already registered with a vet?

If yes, please supply your veterinary practice details.

General veterinary bills can be expensive, are you prepared for expenses that may occur?

Do you plan to insure the dog?

If not, why?

Have you ever returned a dog to a rescue?

If yes, please give details.

Do you have any other information that you think might be helpful?