Meet The Team.

Here at Sun Valley we have a small team of staff and valued volunteers who are dedicated to the care of our dogs. We all work together to find the best homes for our hounds and help them make the best transition into family life. 

sonny (2)


Head of security.

Sonny is our head of security here at Sun Valley. He was rescued by Jane and Andrew from Spain where he had been living in horrible conditions. Sonny happily filled the position to protect his hounds and does so proudly. Sonny takes his job very seriously and loves to patrol Sun Valley when we are closed. Please don’t take offence if he barks at you from the garden on your visit, he’s just making sure his hounds are safe and sound. 

Photo from Lexy Morris


Manager and Trustee.

Jane heads up the team here at Sun Valley with her 30 plus years experience working with dogs. Jane works tirelessly to give the hounds at Sun Valley the best care possible and helps them to recover from their experiences prior to being rescued. Living here on site, Jane cares for each dog that passes through our doors as if they were one of her own 8 house hounds, meeting each and every adopter to make sure they are matched with the perfect dog for their family.



Assistant manager.

Lexy has been a member of the CCGT team for the last 5 years. Lexy has 3 Sun Valley hounds including her Tripaw  lurcher, who live alongside her two cats, so is always happy to help adopters with cats with any questions they have. Lexy also has experience in dog training and enjoys using this to give our hounds some basic skills for when they leave for their new homes.

Photo from Lexy Morris (1)


Weekend Kennel staff

Kat has been Involved in Sun Valley life since she was young. Now a vital member of our team who helps keep the kennels running over the busy weekends. Kat has 4 hounds of her own at home and loves helping out our senior residents when she can. With her experience with small animals, Kat also loves taking care of our resident office rescue rats.


Kennel staff

Grace is the newest member of our team here at Sun Valley. With training in animal management, Grace helps to keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes in the kennels. Grace loves meeting new adopters and helping them meet the perfect new family member. In the short time Grace has already added a Sun Valley hound to her family, adopting her lurcher Delilah after only 3 months here at Sun Valley.

Photo from Lexy Morris (4)

Mustard, Pepper & Chilli

Office staff

Mustard, Pepper and Chilli are our resident dumbo rats. Rescued from becoming snake food, these three boys have now taken up residence in our office, in their own multi-level cage. The boys are very much loved here at Sun Valley and are brilliant company when we are stuck doing admin. We all love watching them run around and play (even if we should be answering emails) 


Head of 'Yum Yums'

Maggie is one of our much valued volunteers here at the kennels. Doing two whole day shifts a week she is vital to keeping Sun Valley running. Having volunteered for us for nearly four years, Maggie has now earned herself the title of head of hound hospitality, or as we like to call her ‘head of yum yums’. Maggie always makes sure our hounds have their favourite treats and ensures that everyone gets a birthday gift if a hound is with us on their birthday. Maggie is always there to give a helping hand and is proof that our kennels couldn’t run without the generous time our volunteers give. 

nicki n delilah


'Paddock Police'

Nicki joined our team of volunteers about 2 years ago and has now got a few different roles down at the kennels. She does a full day shift once a week helping with daily cleaning and exercising of the dogs. Since starting, Nicki has also starting helping with ground maintenance by helping to cut the grass with our tractor. With over 12 acres of land, it is a constant task keeping our valley looking beautiful. Nicki has also gained a new furbaby having adopted her gorgeous CCGT dog Redd after 6 months of volunteering.



Head of Hound Wardrobe

Fi has been part of our volunteer team since winter 2017 and has earned herself the title of ‘Head of Hound Wardrobe.’ Fi makes sure each of our hounds has a perfectly fitting house coat to keep them nice and cosy in their kennels. Fi also has a regular Sunday volunteer shift where she helps keep the kennels clean with ‘Bentley the Bucket’ as well as assisting staff with the daily running of the kennels. With two hounds of her own (including one ex CCGT resident) Fi is a true hound lover and always brings the tastiest treats to her shift.



Alan has been a volunteer down at sun valley for a few years now, and he’s truly pillar of our volunteer team. Helping down at the kennels multiple times a week helping in so many different ways. Firstly, he help socialise and walk the dogs, regularly starting his day by taking dogs off site for a lovely walk and change of scenery which is so important for dogs who are maybe struggling to adapt to kennels. Alan also help so much with the maintenance of the kennels and grounds. He can regularly be found fixing things or gardening, all things we rarely have time to do. 

Alan also fosters dogs who are struggling to settle into kennels, allowing them to relax before they are adopted in to their forever homes.




Carol is another one of our volunteers who has many different roles in keeping CCGT going. Firstly, carol has been a hands on volunteer down at the kennels at least one full day a week for the last few years. Having volunteers who can give full days is invaluable to us here at Sun Valley and Carol is always happy to help. Secondly, Carol keeps the Valley looking beautiful as our head Gardener. Always making sure that our kennel yard and memorial garden are looking as beautiful and colourful as they can be. Carol also plays a vital role in our fundraising team and is often found at and organising street collection to raise funds for the hounds’ care. 




Peter has been one of our volunteers here at the valley for over 10 years. He comes twice a week to walk every hound in our kennels. In all weather, Peter turns up ready to go, making sure each of the hounds gets a good run around and play. Staying as long as is needed, Peter is vital in helping us keep our hounds happy and tired and enables our staff and other volunteers the time to see adopters or to carry out the many other jobs that need to be done each and every day.

These are just a handful of some of our team of volunteers, we value each one of them, as without them we wouldn't be able to do what we do.

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The team behind the scenes

Our Board of Trustees

Jane Thompson – Managing Trustee

Carol Matthews – Chair Trustee

Andrew Thompson – Trustee

Margaret Freshwater – Trustee

Micheal Bowen – Trustee

Julie Thompson – Trustee/Secretary 

Lesley Broomfield – Treasurer – (non Trustee)

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