Adoption Process

Thank you for considering rehoming a rescued Greyhound or lurcher! Our adoption process is tailored to meet your needs, so that you can find the right dog for your family. We ask that you think carefully about adopting before starting the process and make sure everyone in your household is prepared for the responsibility of owning a dog. 

In situations where small animals or young children are involved it may take longer to find you the perfect pet. Or we may require multiple visits so you can learn about, and spend time around these wonderful hounds. 

Adopting a dog
Step 1
Complete Pre-Adoption Questionnaire

Fill out our Pre-adoption questionnaires. Please include as much detail as possible so that we can find a dog suitable for your family. Please email if you have any queries. Please bare with us, we will aim to reply to your application within 2 weeks.

Step 2
Visit the Kennels

All visits to our kennels are by appointment only, this will mean we are able to give you our full attention on your visit. Once an application is reviewed you will be contacted to be invited down for a chat with staff.

Step 3
Have a Homecheck

We require all potential adopter to pass a homecheck. Our adopters must have a secure garden area with minimum 6ft boundaries.

Step 4
Reserve a dog

Visit the kennels once more, spend time getting to know a few dogs and find your new family member! We ask that everyone who will be living with the new dog comes to meet them before the dog goes home. Also bring along any other dogs in the home so they can meet their new fur-brother or sister. 

Step 5
Take your new dog home!

Book an appointment to adopt your new family member and start your lives together! If you need any advice or help after adoption just get in touch. We are always happy to give as much support and guidance as you need!

Adoption Donation

We ask for a minimum donation of £275 per dog. This is a minimum donation, there is no upper limit.

The adoption donation goes towards the cost of neutering, vaccinating, micro-chipping, worming, fleaing and looking after a dog whilst in our care.

Please read our adoption information and re-homing FAQ for full details about re-homing requirements. 

Homing with cats or small animals

Despite the fact that racing dogs have been trained to chase a lure, many greyhounds and lurchers do well in homes with small pets. We never call any of our dogs ‘small animal safe or friendly’, as this implies that the dogs will behave perfectly around small animals in all situations and at all times. If we believe a dog has potential to be homed with small animals we refer to them as ‘cat workable’. We do not state on the website which dogs are cat workable as we will recommend dogs based on your circumstances and level of experience.

Please be aware that we usually have a waiting list of families looking for cat workable dogs, and do not always have cat workable dogs available. You may have longer wait to find a dog to add to your family. 

If you have small animals and would like to home one of our hounds, then please call the kennels for more information before filling out a Pre-adoption questionnaire.

Support and advice

When you adopt a dog from Celia Cross you become part of the ever growing Sun Valley Family! We offer full support to all who adopt from us, so if you have any questions or need help, please feel free to get in contact and we will happily give you our advice and guidance

You can also Join the ‘Homed and Happy Hounds of Sun Valley’ Facebook group. In this community group you can meet other people who have adopted dogs from us, ask recommendations or advice, and upload photos, videos and stories about how your dog is settling into their new home! It is a great place to get support from fellow hound owners.

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