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4.5 years


The type of home i need.

Home with secure garden

an only dog or with a calm dog

experienced home with no children

Our gorgeous Merlin is still looking for that fabulous home for him to chill out, loaf around and learn the life skills he needs on the outside.
Lovely Merlin came to us from another rescue in 2021. Unfortunately, Merlin has been in the rescue system since a young pup and we were asked to take him on being a Sighthound specific rescue. Sadly, Merlin has picked up some issues that many dogs can display if they have spent many of their young years in kennels.
Merlin has come on such a long way, but, he needs a home to continue his journey where he can feel safe, and learn the ropes in the outside world.
Merlin does have guarding issues around food. This issue has become better with the members of staff he knows well, but it will be an ongoing issue to focus on going forward.
He is very intelligent and will take commands and instruction with ease and really does want to please.
He loves his toys and will play for hours. (No toy guarding)
He is very affectionate and very loving. He is ok with other dogs, but he can play a little too rough. Merlin is a big dog, but, he still thinks he’s the 5 month old puppy that first went into kennels not the adult old 31 kg hunk he is today.
We would also consider long term foster for Merlin if the right home comes along. We just want this gorgeous boy to enjoy some life outside of kennel walls.
There is a strict requirement for Merlin’s onward placement which we will not deviate from, so please only apply if you can fit these requests.
  • Merlin is to go to an ADULT ONLY home.
  • He would suit a home as the only dog – or with a calm large breed dog. (He can play quite rough) 
  • No cats.
  • Someone who has experience in dealing with food guarding issues.
  • A secure garden, where Merlin can chill out and play with his frisbee.
  • A home within 1 hour drive of Sun Valley so we can give ongoing support.
  • Someone willing to take on a loving boy with issues because he’s not had the opportunity to live a free life in the real world.
  • You must be committed to making multiple visits to Sun Valley to get to know Merlin and understand his issues.


Merlin is an absolute joy, and is such and intelligent boy. We all love him at Sun Valley and know that the longer he stays in kennels the more heightened his issues will become. If you are looking for a dog that will give you bags fun, love, laughs and are willing to invest time and patience with him them please contact us for more information.

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