about me.


7 years old


The type of home i need.

ideally a home with a garden

can be an only dog, or live with a calm, confident dog

needs a more experienced owner

This is Pedro, an utterly gorgeous, but shy boy who has just joined the family. 

Pedro came to us very timid and nervous, but is slowly starting to come out of his shell. He will gladly accept fuss and cuddles from people he knows and trusts, but is definitely unsure of new people. Pedro will be a slight project dog, in the sense that you will need to love him so much that his confidence builds and he realises that there’s nothing to worry about! These kinds of dogs are so fulfilling to take on, as you will start to see their cheeky side come out and there love for you grow as they become more sure of themselves and less freaked out by the big, scary world. 

Pedro wouldn’t like a loud, busy home; he’d much prefer a quiet, chilled out home with not much hustle and bustle. An older couple, looking for an older dog that they can devote themselves to would be ideal. He does currently have a kennel mate and buddy, who is extremely confident and goofy. This dog helps Pedro with his confidence, and when they play and run around together you can see Pedro does actually have a very fun and playful side, you’ll just have to work to coax it out of him! 

We would definitely recommend meeting Pedro a few times before taking him home, so that there is some trust already established between the two of you. He’s a bit of a slow burner, but the reward will be massive once you break through his shy exterior and get to see his gorgeous, loving side.

To find out more about Pedro and to see if you could be the right match for this gentle soul, please fill in a questionnaire and get the ball rolling. 

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