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6 years old


The type of home i need.

ideally a home with a garden



This is Layla; a complex, fiercely loyal and loving girl who needs just the right home. 

Layla was rescued from the streets of Romania, where she would have been badly mistreated and would have had to fight for her survival and safety every day. Because of her rough start, she needs just the right home, with people who are willing to work with her and stick by her as she navigates her new life. 

Layla needs a calm, quiet home, with not a lot of new people coming in and out every day. When she knows and trusts you, she is truly the most endearing and affectionate dog you could meet; but because of her traumatic start, she is wary of new people and can be protective of the people she loves. She would definitely do best in a home with consistency, stability and calm. 

We don’t always see the scared version of Layla at Sun Valley because she is so safe and comfortable here, but when new people come through our doors we do get a glimmer of that frightened girl who went through so much, so that scared side of her is still very much there. If you want to take Layla on, you must be willing to work with her and stand by her. If you do, you will be rewarded with a loyal, loving companion who only has eyes for you.

We will need to discuss Laylas needs more in person, and have a few meetings with her before adoption if you were to decide to take her home. If you have a resident dog, it will be dependant on how Layla gets on with them during a meeting at the kennels to see if she would like to live in a house with a buddy, or be better off as an only dog. But we can promise you that if you were the one to take Layla home, you will be showered with all the love and affection this girl has to give. 

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